Buying A Driver On A Budget

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by. I really had no idea what to write about tonight until I checked the email. We got an email from a reader who admits that he is cheap. Hey… at least he’s honest! He is a 6 handicap and is in need of a new driver. He currently plays a Dunlop LoCo Pro but wants to upgrade. He has a fairly limited budget (around $150.00) and wants some suggestions. Let’s see what we can come up with…

I’ll keep these suggestions to new clubs under $200.00. I think that I would probably consider a used club if I had a limited budget but there are some decent closeouts that fit the bill here. Don’t be afraid to try and work out a deal with the folks at your local shop… it’s fall and most places are looking to dump equipment before the season ends. Most places will be willing to wheel and deal a bit so see what you can come up with. Let’s look at SirShanksAlot’s top five drivers under $200.00….

1. Cobra SZ – It’s long, forgiving and my customers love it. The new Cobra woods will be out in the middle of November so the company is looking to dump the SZ woods. The 440CC and 400CC heads have gone down in price but the 460CC might stick around a bit longer. A 6 handicapper may want to consider the 400SZ Tour… a driver designed for the better player. It has a better shaft, hits the ball a bit lower and is designed for someone that likes to work the ball. Most shops have the Tour version at the same price as the other SZ closeouts.

2. Nike Ignite – The new SQ is in and the very popular Ignite is out. Our testers loved the Ignite driver and the new closeout price makes this club a steal. Both the 460CC and 410CC heads are available on closeout right now so take your pick. A better player may lean towards the 410CC because of it’s smaller size but either club is a solid choice.

3. Cleveland Launcher – This could be one of the best deals going right now. Our reader mentioned that these were sold out in his area so he might have to make a road trip to find one. The Launcher is long, forgiving and the traditional head design appeals to the better player. I’ve been able to get various custom shaft options at no extra charge too. You’ll have to ask your shop to make a few calls and see what they can do. An awesome club at an awesome price.

4. TaylorMade R580XD – We can’t keep these drivers in stock. It’s unusual to find a “price point” driver that outperforms many expensive ones. Many of my customers can’t find a reason to spend the extra money on the R5 after hitting the R580XD. Be sure to have a look at this one.

5. Innovex CFD – We have just started testing this club and initial results have been very good. The CFD is very long, very forgiving and looks really good. The folks at Innovex let you build your own driver on their website and also have a growing list of retailers around the country that can help with club selection. These are worth a look.

There you go… a few great drivers at great prices. Be sure to try everything first and don’t buy something just because it is a good deal. I get lots of guys in my shop that let a low price get to their heads and convince themselves that they can hit an 8 degree tour stiff driver. Take the time to shop around, find something that you actually like and then see if you can wheel and deal a bit. Don’t be afraid to look at used clubs and demos too. They are great ways to get good clubs at good prices. Thanks very much for the email and say hello to everyone in Nashville for us! Hope everyone has a great day and we’ll talk to you real soon!

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