Callaway Golf Grabs Second PGA Major

Hello everyone and thanks for dropping by. It was a fun day for golf… a rare Monday finish at the PGA and an exciting end to the tournament. It was another PGA Major for Callaway Golf… the company got it’s first Major win at the U.S. Open and got a second one today. It wasn’t a full bag of Callaway clubs for Lefty though… he used a TaylorMade R7 fairway wood.

Staying with the Callaway news… sort of. I had read somewhere that current Callaway/Hogan/Top Flite staffer Jim Furyk was off to Srixon Golf so I asked my Callaway guy the other day. He told me that Furyk looked like he was leaving but he didn’t know where the former U.S. Open champ was going. Watch for Furyk to sign a full deal with Srixon soon.

If you were really, really on the ball this weekend (or you visit you may have caught a glimpse of the new Nike driver. The “Sasquatch” was the driver of choice for a few Nike staff players including Stewart Cink. The driver looks to be at least 460CC’s… it may even be a bit bigger thanks to the 10CC buffer. The driver has a yellow sole and it looks like there is a matching fairway wood in play on Tour too. Don’t count on the “Sasquatch” name sticking around… sometimes companies give prototype clubs nicknames. I think the Callaway FT-3 Fusion was called “Superman” if I remember correctly…

Watch for a Callaway Fusion hybrid club… it is currently out on Tour and should make it’s retail debut in the spring. SirPutts and I will see what we can find out about the new Fusion hybrid when we visit Callaway in Carlsbad next month…. ooops… that was suppose to be a surprise! Oh well… at least I didn’t mention our tour of TaylorMade…

Speaking of new clubs… my Titleist guy actually had some info on a brand new club for once. The Titleist 503U has been on Golfwrx for a while so I asked my Titleist guy about it last week. Mr. “Usually very tight lipped about stuff” actually talked a bit about it. He told me what it looked like (even though I already knew) and said that it will be around in the spring. For anyone that hasn’t seen it yet… think of the TaylorMade Rescue Mid combined with a Titleist fairway wood.

I finally saw some of the Heavy Putter putters the other day. SirPuttsAlot has them over at his store but we haven’t carried them at my place. They were pretty decent feeling putters if you like a heavy head. These putters aren’t cheap but I could see them developing a bit of a cult following at my store. They’re kind of ugly too… but if they work, who cares!

That’s it for now I guess. Watch for a review of the Callaway FT-3 Fusion sometime this week… we’ve been getting a lot of email about it so we should probably review it! With NFL season just around the corner I thought I would quickly mention a new fantasy football website that one of our readers has created. Check out Advantage Football and join the action. SirPutts and I will be submitting our picks on the site every week for everyone to laugh at. Don’t be surprised if I pick my Chargers now and again! Talk to you all tomorrow!

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