New Innovex Driver On The Way

Hello again everyone. It’s going to be a different day for updates today. It’s a day off for me and I’ll be doing some smaller updates throughout the day instead of one big one. First up is some news from our 2005 Golf Company Of The Year… Innovex Golf.

The Innovex Golf website has some new pictures of the upcoming Innovex CFD Driver. They have kept the new club fairly clean looking and it looks a lot like their current fairway woods. Not much of a surprise that it’s 460CC… seems like everyone is doing that. I’m really excited to see this driver… I currently hit the RLS 3 wood and just love it.

We had an email from a reader asking about any more info on the new Callaway X Driver. I’ve got nothing here… our rep was in very quickly the other day and it didn’t give me much time to ask questions. I will try and get a hold of him in the next few days and will pass on any more info that I get. I could see them borrowing the looks of the X18 Driver from Callaway Japan (not the technology though) but that’s just a guess.

I saw the new Nike Shox golf shoes the other day. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Nike Shox running shoes but these things are pretty cool. Watch for them on the Nike Golf website soon and in stores October 1st.

SirPuttsAlot and I got our passes for the PGA Fall Expo yesterday. Just a reminder that we will be at the PGA Fall Expo in Las Vegas at the end of September and we will be doing some updates from the show. We are trying to hook up some other cool stuff and we’ll keep you updated as our trip gets closer… 21 days from now… not like I’m counting or anything.

That’s all for now… quick and painless. I’ll update at least once more this afternoon. Thanks for all your emails and support! Time to go make some breakfast!

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