New Callaway and Cobra Products

Hello all and thanks for stopping by. Some interesting odds and ends from Callaway and Cobra so let’s get to it. I’m in a pretty lazy mood so we’ll do this in point form!

Cobra News

– current wood line will be discontinued so watch for some price drops in early September. Some of the woods have been discounted already.

– 454 Comp will stay for a while longer but it looks like Cobra is done with the Comp thing

– there will be one new driver but it will be available in three different forms… all three will be 460CC and will have bigger faces and lower centers of gravity than the current ones

– there will be an offset 460CC, a closed 460CC and a square 460CC

– the shaft in these will be a new Mitsubishi shaft and the shafts will all have a ball speed rating on them. Golfers will be fit based on ball speed, not clubhead speed. Cobra is considering creating their own ball speed monitor and it may be offered to key Cobra accounts

– there will be three different types of shafts… a M (medium ball speed), F (fast ball speed) and an X (I think it stands for extra fast but I don’t remember)

– Cobra is also considering getting back on Tour… sounds like they could be after three players on the PGA Tour. They have extended their endorsement deal with David Feherty and want to add “quirky and unique” players like him. My rep didn’t have any names

– new fairway woods will be similar to the new driver but will be made of stainless steel. Iron line will not change and the Baffler will be back too

– new woods are a November 1st release

Titleist/Pinnacle News

– 804.OS irons will be discontinued and replaced with the Titleist 775

– watch for a pink Pinnacle ball for ladies

Callaway/Hogan/Top Flite News

– current Big Bertha 454 driver will be replaced by the Callaway X Driver. The X Driver will be 460CC and will feature many of the technologies offered in the current Big Bertha 454

– Big Bertha iron will get a facelift. The new version will feature more heel-toe weighting and a black and red medallion

– There will be a new Fusion iron that will feature a thicker sole. Callaway wants to move this iron into the game improvement category

– Top Flite line hopes to be a big player in the “value” pricepoint. They have some great gloves, bags and balls at really good prices… even cheaper than before. I didn’t see any of their clubs today.

– Hogan line will be trimmed a bit and cleaned up. No specifics yet but I’ll do some more digging.

– No major changes with Callaway and Hogan. I think they are pretty happy with their current products and it looks like there are only minor tweaks and some cosmetic changes ahead.

– My rep also says that the company wants Callaway reps to handle Callaway, Top Flite and Hogan products. Our Top Flite/Hogan rep has been let go and expect to see more of this in the near future. My Callaway guy has been busy learning all about Top Flite and Hogan!

That’s all for today. I’ll keep digging for more info on all this stuff but it gives you an idea of what’s to come! Have a great day.

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