TaylorMade – A Hat For Every Major

I had someone at work today ask about the hats that TaylorMade Golf makes for each major. You may have seen the Masters one already… it was green with the R7 logo on the side and a big yellow ” Season Opener” patch on the back. Watch for a a navy blue “Summer 2005″ U.S. Open hat, a black “Open 2005″ British Open hat and a gold “Springfield 2005″ PGA Championship hat at a store near you! TaylorMade can’t actually use the real tournament symbols but they still make some pretty cool hats!

Some more TaylorMade news… I don’t know how far reaching this promo is but TaylorMade has just announced that they will offer one free Rescue club with every 8 piece iron set sold. We got this a memo about it at work today but it didn’t mention if it was just a national thing, or a North American thing or a worldwide thing… check with your TaylorMade dealer. The promotion runs until June 30th. This is a good deal… and it looks like this is how TaylorMade will get rid of all their Rescue clubs before the new one comes out.

Thanks to one of our readers that pointed out that the Cleveland CG4 iron is now on . Cleveland isn’t wasting any time getting this iron out… we got ordering information on it today and are bringing in a few sets to try. I should see a demo set later this week and will let you know when I do!

Another email asking about forgiving, easy to hit 3 irons. Fred Funk kind of started a trend a few weeks back when he used a TaylorMade CGB 3 iron along with his RAC LT’s. I used to play a Callaway X-12 3 iron and it worked really well. If you want to try something like this instead of going to a hybrid…look at a 3 iron from a Ping G2, Big Bertha, TaylorMade CGB, or Cleveland Launcher. There are more choices but these are ones that I have had some success with.

Let’s talk a bit more about the Cleveland HALO… more specifically that stock shafts available in the HALO. The stock steel shaft (True Temper Dynamic Gold SL) is a great option. My customers like it a lot and it seems to really work well. The SL provides a mid to high ball flight… something that most golfers are after. I have found that it keeps the ball flight of the HALO workable… the club is designed to hit a high ball and the SL brings it down a touch. I’m not a huge fan of the stock graphite shaft (HALO Graphite). If I were getting the HALO in graphite, I would look to an upgraded shaft like the Fujikura Banzai or UST IRod. I had a customer go with the Aerotech and he just loves it! Spend the extra money and get a good shaft… you’ll thank yourself one day.

Well… I think that is it for now. There really isn’t that much going on. A few quick updates from us here at SIRSHANKSALOT.COM. Watch for the “SirShanksAlot’s 24 In 24″ coming in May. We are doing the impossible… well no… it’s possible… otherwise we wouldn’t be doing it. 24 golf club reviews in 24 hours! That’s right… one review every hour for 24 hours. Should be fun and it should be a great way to get caught up on some golf club reviews! We’ll announce the date soon… we are working on the reviews now. Thanks (as always) for all the email and we are working hard to get caught up on them too… and thanks for all the kind notes about the new site. We’re pretty proud of it and we are glad that you like it!

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