New TaylorMade Products Soon!!

Well, we got the official word from our TaylorMade source today; new TaylorMade clubs will be released as early as next week. No real reason on why the launch is so hush-hush but there are several exciting new product releases.

There will be an R5 TP model coming out. Like previous TP model’s this head will have a more square setup and an upgraded shaft. The stock shaft in this club is going to be the Mitsubishi Diamana. Expect it to retail for at least $100 more than the R5.

There is a new fairway wood joining the TaylorMade family; the R7 TP will have two interchangeable weights and will also come stock with the Mitsubishi Diamana.

There will be two new Rescue clubs coming to market, the Rescue Dual and the Rescue Dual TP. Both of these clubs will have two interchangeable weights. No word on what the shaft options will be in these clubs.

The final new entry is a new Rossa putter. We don’t have a name on this yet but if you guessed that it has interchangeable weights you are right. Loren Roberts is using one right now on Tour.

Thats the new line-up folks. Like I said we aren’t sure why TaylorMade is being so quiet about these clubs but they will be here very shortly. Expect prices to be quite high initially. Oh yeah, there will be a new fitted ball-cap coming to market shortly as well.

So there you are, up to date. Hopefully you heard it here first but if not, keep coming back anyways.

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