Top Fives – Best And Worst Dressed On Tour

I thought this week we could look at some of the more serious issues that face the PGA Tour today: The Best and Worst Dressed Golfers.

The Worst

What do some of the best golfers in the world have in common? They seem to really lack fashion sense. Here are the top five worst dressed golfers on the PGA Tour.

5. Davis Love III

How can this list start with anyone but Davis Love III? For a guy who has Polo as one of his main sponsors, you would expect a little more style from Davis. But it's all bad. The hats are too tall and the shirts are ugly. Remember that pink sweater he wore last year? Yikes.

4. Ian Poulter

Sure he's colorful and entertaining. Everyone always wants to see what Poulter is going to be wearing. But the Union Jack pants and the Stars and Stripes pants from the British and U.S. Opens last year all but guaranteed him a spot on this list.

3. Tiger Woods

I think we are all getting a little bit sick of the Sunday red. Sure it was cool for a while but Tiger isn't 22 anymore. And what's with all of his Nike shirts being two sizes too big? If I had biceps like Tiger I would't be trying to hide 'em!

2. Jon Daly

Sure Jon has lost a lot of money to his many, many ex-wives and we know that bus he drives around in isn't cheap but do we need to see his entire shirt covered with sponsors logos? And one more tip for Jon, try black, it's more slimming.

1. Phil Mickelson

He may be the hottest golfer on the planet right now but Phil is definitely cold when it comes to fashion sense. It's hard to tell if Phil can't find pants long enough or if he just really likes wearing capris! Whoever does Phil's tailoring really needs to be fired, cause those pants don't even reach his ankles. And then there are the shirts. Not only do the shirts not fit properly, but the shiny look is really not in. I won't even touch the old-school tall visor.

Honorable Mention

Duffy Waldorf – the floral print shirts are one thing but he has to at least try and find a hat to match. Not one that has a different pattern on it.

Shingo Katayama the $3 beard and the cowboy hat are a bad look for anybody. Period.

The Best

5. Shigeki Maruyama

The smiling assassin is always fashionable on the golf course. Sometimes bright, sometimes subdued but always classy, Shigeki always seems to be dressed appropriately for the occasion. The ear-to-ear smile doesn't hurt his appearance either.

4. Ian Poulter

Congratulations to the only player in the world capable of getting his name on both lists. With all the outrageous outfits in this guy's wardrobe, there are more winners than losers. He never wears the same outfit twice, which also earns him big points.

3. Adam Scott

The young Australian has a great physique and really looks great no matter what he's wearing. His Burberry shirts are trendy and classic at the same time.

2. Justin Leonard

Not a flashy dresser, Leonard prefers to stick to the blues and the blacks but no matter what he's wearing he always looks good. He dresses the way golfers should dress.

1. Darren Clarke

Since dropping a little weight a couple of seasons ago, Clarke has really changed his style. He has gone to a flashy look, usually wearing a white or black polo shirt with some wild pants. The green plaids he had on for the first round of The Players Championship were sweet.

Honorable Mention

Jesper Parnevik has to be considered now that he's finally traded in the flipped-up cap for a visor. He is one of the biggest reasons for J. Lindberg's success.

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