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A tip for you… don’t eat Mexican food twice in one day… SirShanksAlot is feeling it right now! Oh well… it won’t stop me from getting to today’s golf news.

An email from a reader that had a chance to see the Templeton Shootout last year and wanted to know about the utility club used by Hank Kuehne. Kuehne was using a HI-660 by Fourteen Golf at the time of the Templeton. I did some checking and it doesn’t look like he uses it anymore. You can see the HI-660 at … it’s in the “Irons” section. Thanks for the email… and I had a chance to check out your site too! Want a shameless plug? Check out for some great golf course prints! Haha… shameless plugs are fun! Want your company plugged on SIRSHANKSALOT.COM? Send us an… I’m kidding.

Another email from a reader that is in need of a new set of game improvement irons but wants to keep his costs under control. He wanted a list of the top 5 game improvement irons from 2000 – 2004… to give him an idea of what to look for on the used club market. There have been so many irons in that time but check out these ones if you can…

– Callaway X-12 or X-14… you should be able to get the 12’s at a good price and they are a solid iron.

– TaylorMade SuperSteel… I have so many people ask about these still. They were really easy to hit… but go with steel shafts in these. The Bubble graphite shafts are a pain to get repaired! Now that I think about it, these may have been late 1990’s but whatever!

– Any old Cobra irons… even if you go with a late 90’s club. These guys have made some pretty good game improvement irons over the years and you can find them for pretty cheap right now. Try to avoid the graphite Hump shaft… they are really tough to find if you break one.

– Titleist DCI 981… I found that people either loved this club or hated it. I actually didn’t mind it… it was fairly forgiving and looked decent enough.

– And I know they are really old but they work…try the Tommy Armour 845 SilverScot. I used to have a set (they are my Dad’s now) and they are really, really forgiving. They actually reintroduced these a few years back with a chrome finish too. They were not really that expensive to begin with so you should be able to get them fairly cheap now. In my opinion this is one of the best irons ever made… but that’s just me.

Also consider… a more recent demo set. It isn’t really demo selling season but ask around at your local shop and see what they have. Buying a demo is a fairly inexpensive way to get a brand name club. Make sure you check all the clubs for dents and ask about a warranty policy too. Want one more idea? Check out the Innovex System RLS irons from . We reviewed these a while back (look in the Golf Club Reviews Section) and our testers loved them. Hope this helps a bit and good luck in your search!

Thanks to a few readers that emailed us to mention the sale of the Rossignol Group to Quiksilver. Why should we care? Because Rossignol is the parent company of Cleveland Golf and Never Compromise Golf. Quiksilver is an American sportswear company based in Huntington Beach California… the same place that Cleveland Golf just finished relocating to… ironic isn’t it? Thanks for the emails!

I think that is it for today. I mentioned yesterday that our site will be getting a facelift. We want to make it look a bit more professional and hopefully easier to use. One thing we have already discussed is a search feature. The site is getting big enough that a lot of the information we write is just getting lost. We hope the search feature will make it a bit easier to navigate. Another thing that the new software will do is make the site a bit more appealing to look at… especially for those using Netscape or Firefox. I looked at the site the other day using Firefox and it looks like a jumbled mess! Don’t worry… help is on the way! We want to know if there is anything else that you folks want… have you ever come to the site and thought… “Wow, this is a great site but ____”? Let us know… we want to make it a better place to visit and who better to ask than our visitors? Send us an email at ! Until tomorrow everyone….

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