Ping Golf Adds Tour Trailer

SirPuttsAlot’s new Rant is up. It is a nice tribute to golf… and it makes it very obvious that he misses golf… I guess being in a sling will do that to a guy. I should see if he wants to play for money right now… I might win!

Ping Golf has announced that they will now have a full time Tour Trailer at all PGA events. This is the last “big” company to add a Tour Trailer… a place where staff players can get new equipment, repairs, customization, etc. The 30 foot trailer debuted at the FBR Open a few weeks ago. It has all the equipment a golf club fitter could wish for and will carry about 80 driver heads, 20 sets of iron heads, 75 putters, 75 wedges, 1000 grips and 200 shafts. Ping’s PGA staff presence is growing (currently 19 players on the PGA Tour) and I guess it was time for a trailer… probably a good plan.

I found it funny listening to the PGA guys complaining about the bad greens at the Accenture. Sure they had a ton of rain, and had to hurry to get the course ready for play… but that’s something that most of us public course golfers see everyday. Sometimes I think they forget how lucky they have it out there!

I can confirm that the new Callaway Fusion driver will be 460CC… I talked to someone that hit it today and he said it was really long.

Well that’s it for today… there was not much going at all. Thanks for all the recent emails… I think we are caught up now. I should have the next Buying Guide post done as early as tomorrow and SirPuttsAlot has another Player Profile too. Watch for some posts over the weekend… something we don’t normally do but hey… we aim to please!

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