More Info On The Maxfli Black Max

Ok first off… I need to tweak my new Fusion driver comments from yesterday. SirPuttsAlot sent me an email today and mentioned that he had heard that the new Fusion driver will be 460CC. There really isn’t a lot of info on this thing yet… strange because we should see it in stores this summer.

I also mentioned the new TaylorMade fairway wood yesterday. We should see it sometime this summer… and joining it should be a new TaylorMade Rescue Mid with movable weights. My TaylorMade guy will see the new stuff next week so I will have some more info then. Sounds like the Rescue will have two weight ports… a heel and a toe. I will let you know more when I get it.

Some good emails today! Let’s see… a question about the new Maxfli Black Max golf ball. The Black Max will be a “tour” type ball… replacing the current Revolution Tour ball. They are a bit longer than the Revolution Tour but shouldn’t spin as much. We will see the Black Max very soon… I ordered some today at work and they said that they would ship out next week.

Another email talking about the new Callaway Fusion fairway woods. He noted that there was a good picture of them in a recent issue of Golf Magazine. I saw the picture and talked to my Callaway guy about them. He hasn’t heard much about them but I think it is safe to say that we will see them in the late summer/early fall. It seems Callaway is pushing all of Phil’s equipment to retail ahead of schedule (if there was ever a schedule). This is a pretty smart move… the guy is hot so why not take advantage of it?

I talked to my Tommy Armour guy today too. Tommy Armour’s parent company, Huffy Sports, has been in all sorts of financial trouble as of late. Sounds like they are starting to get things turned around and hopefully this will help strengthen Tommy Armour in the future. They also have a new website coming… should be up soon.

Well I think that is all for today… SirPuttsAlot is still on the disabled list… his mended shoulder keeps him at a stellar 5 words per minute right now so I will hold the fort for a while longer. He did send me another Rant though so it will be up on Friday. Thanks for all the emails… there are a few that I will reply to tomorrow!

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