Srixon Golf Adds Tour Players

I was suppose to get some samples of the new Winn grips today but they didn’t come. I’ll let you know what they are like when I get them but I can tell you that there is a new Winn G7, a Winn G8 and some new putter grips. Winn has really come a long way and their stuff over the past few years has been really good.

Srixon Sports has signed a few new players, signing both Brian Davis and John Rollins. The reason I brought this up is because there are many industry people that think 2005 is going to be big for Srixon. It looks like they are modeling their tour signings after Cleveland Golf. Cleveland started signing lots and lots of “B Players” a few years back. These were guys that were on the PGA Tour but were not big names. Cleveland was banking on at least one or two of them to make it big thus increasing their exposure. Did you know who Chad Campbell or Shawn Micheel were a few years ago? Probably not but you do now… and you probably know that they are both Cleveland staffers. Srixon makes some great stuff and is the #1 golf ball manufacturer in Japan. They also have a solid production and marketing staff (they have a few ex-Callaway and Maxfli guys).

La Jolla Club Golf has released it’s OS irons. This is their entry into the wide soled, extremely forgiving, high ball flight market. The cool part about the La Jolla OS is that they still maintain a thin topline. Check out in the next few days…. the OS isn’t up yet but there are other things to look at.

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