Titleist 704CB Iron Review

When we first got word that Titleist was coming out with a forged cavity I considered ordering a set sight unseen for myself. Most industry people I know all waited in great anticipation for this magical club to arrive at our doors. Could it be a throwback to the 962B? Or was it going to be something similar to the newer 690CB? It has to be good… it's Titleist! And then the 704CB arrived.


The 704CB is designed with the lower handicap in mind. The head is smaller, the cavity more shallow, the offset minimum. I don't think I would say the top line is as thin as a blade but it is pretty close. Titleist uses forged stainless process in this club and it is designed to be soft and lightweight. By having a very lightweight material, they are able to move the weight to the outside and increase the effective hitting area. There is a weight bar at the bottom of the club and you notice it the most in the longer irons because it gets the ball up in a hurry. The narrow sole with a shallow heel is pretty typical with Titleist and once again appeals to the lower handicap.


I get two fairly standard comments concerning the 704CB. Most consumers pass it by because they say it looks "ugly" and "unfinished". Titleist claims that the forging process they use requires less polishing than a standard cast club. I think they would have been wise to buff it a bit though because a consumer's first impression of a club can often make or break a sale. The second comment I get is that it feels very clunky and dead. This is surprising considering it is a forged club designed to be soft and responsive. Most professionals that I know that play Titleist still use older models like the 762's or 990's. They claim they get more feel and workability out of these older models and would recommend them over the 704CB. Consumer that I have talked to that play the 704CB's (and there aren't very many!) agree that it is not one of Titleist's finer products.


Overall Rating – 50%


Target Handicap – 10 and below


Ball Flight – Mid


Offset – Minimum


Finish – Chrome


Construction – Forged


Shafts – Dynamic Gold steel

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