New Bite Sandals… Wilson Nd6… Els On The Move?

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. I’ve collected up some odds and ends over the past few days and thought I would throw them all into one post. We’ve got news from Bite, some initial impressions of the Wilson Nd6 driver and a cool Ernie Els rumor. Let’s get to it!

Bite has launched a line of flip-flops that feature a removable footbed. This removable footbed is a great idea because it allows the consumer to insert their own custom insoles for extra comfort. I don’t know if I’d recommend these for golf but I figure some Bite fans might want to have a look at these for use away from the course. Watch for these in mid-March!

The Tour Blog on the Cobra Golf website has a picture of the new Cobra Pro MB irons currently being used by Geoff Ogilvy. A great looking set of irons! Not much on these yet… they’ve only been out there for a few weeks. We’ll keep you updated!

Rumor of the day… there has been some serious internet chatter that Ernie Els may be on the move from Titliest to Callaway. There always seem to be rumors like this floating around but this one might have some legs. There was a lot of talk before Christmas that Els was on his way to Nike but nothing came of it. We’ll keep you updated here… although I do find it a bit strange that Els does not appear on Titleist’s “Players” section. He’s on the top banner but isn’t on the players list. Aren’t rumors fun?

I had a chance to hit the Wilson Nd6 driver last week and was actually very impressed. The Nd6 features a nano-carbon crown, titanium body and a version of the Grafalloy Comp NT shaft. The driver held up well in the distance and feel departments and it reminded me a lot of the Callaway FT-3. It’s the kind of driver that doesn’t confuse you with crazy technology and the stock shaft is great. Speaking of Wilson… we had an email asking what Padraig Harrington is playing right now. Last I saw he was trying out the company’s new Dd6+ driver (although I’ve also read of him trying the Pd6+) and their new Pi irons.

That’s it for now. I’m going to watch some of the golf and take it easy this afternoon. Feel free to drop us a line with any questions you’ve got. I’ll be on and off of the email all day!

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