Stop Flipping Drill – Cure Your Weak Slice

Hey everyone and thanks for dropping by! SirPutts and I are putting some time in on the new site so here is another tip from The Golf Drill Guru. I’ll try and post a few things over the weekend… I got to try the new Wilson Nc6 driver, Bite has some new sandals… lots of fun stuff. Be sure to check back in!

Flipping your wrists quickly right before impact is a common fault that usually develops in better players. Sadly, flipping actually stems from the yips. It is involuntary wrist twitches right where you don’t need them, at impact. The weak slice is the usual ball flight of someone suffering from what we will call the ‘flips’ from this point on.

Am I a Flipper?

Do you lack distance?
Do you tend to hit push slices?
Have you playing partners joked about how you seem to jump up at impact?
Are your wrists unusually sore after your round?
Does your follow-through feel restricted and forced?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, this is a drill for you.

A common fix for the flips is to work on knock down shots. To perform them correctly, you are required to retain your wrist cock for as long as possible. Unfortunately though, for most players, the brain is too powerful a force for this drill to be really effective. To gain some visual feedback into your problem, try this drill. Place a tee in the lifeline of your bottom grip hand. Place your other hand on the club normally. The idea is to keep the tee in place throughout your swing. Work slowly at first without a ball; with some practice you should be able to hit balls and keep the tee in place. If the tee doesn’t move, you can be sure you are no longer flipping. You should also notice a dramatic difference in your distance and accuracy. Give it a try!

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