Taylor Made 2011 Forged Blade Pics

Here are some TaylorMade 2011 Forged Blade pics that have surfaced on the web.  You’ll find pictures of CB, MC and MB models below – and they all look pretty sweet to me, not to sure what the screw on the back of these irons is for – interchangeable weights?  Who knows.. what do you think?


taylorMade forged blade irons cb mb

taylor made cb forged irons 2011

taylormade irons 2011 forged blades



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  1. That screw at the back of the head appears to be consistent with what they use for XFT. I’m guessing that if they can come up with different weights for the screw, they can offer users the option to tweak the swingweight of the club

  2. Being a fan of TaylorMade/ADIDAS products, these forged irons look great. I am also assuming the screw has everything to do with interchangable/customizable weighting.

  3. The weight on the back isn’t interchangeable. It’s a weight put in at the factory to change swing weight without moving the sweet spot. Normally companies put weight in the hozel which moves the sweet spot on the club.

  4. looks ugly ler….better to have adjustable screw-in sole. coz, after whooping the club on the cartpath, i can change the sole and whalla! looks brand new again….

  5. Being not a fan of Taylormade this is just another ugly design trying to get back to some sort of acceptable standard. The R9 tour is a desaster of a club. they started off well after they bought Founders Club many years back but became so obsessed trying to beat Callaway with high handicap clubs that they had to design a new club every six months. in that time Callaway, Titleist, Nike, Mizuno established themselves as the true clubmakers. just another jonny come lately as Adams already beat them to the idea.

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