Adams Golf Launches Idea Tech v3 Hybrids

adams idea tech v3 hybridsAdams golf recently launched their new line of Idea Tech V3 hybrids and hybrid irons.  Geared towards the player looking to improve their game – these irons will be sure to help lower some scores.  The Idea Tech V3 sets come in two models the forged and all-hybrid.  The all hybrid is.. well all hybrids, the forged set consists of four forged irons (8 – Gap Wedge) and the rest in hybrids.  The clubface features nickle chromium black finishes with an ultra-premium finish. They retail at $899.99 for steel shafts, $999.99 for graphite.

The individual hybrids themselves are available in a variety of lofts including “2 to 7” for right-handers and “3 to 6” for lefties.  They retail at $249.99.  Below, you’ll see what the company has to say about them:

“Idea Tech V3 excels because it gives the majority of golfers exceptionally easy-to-hit clubs loaded with the latest technology, plus a thinner, sleek look,” said Michael Vrska, Director of Product Development at Adams Golf. “In addition, with each club in the set individually optimized to fully integrate together, consumers won’t experience any gapping issues and will consistently get more distance.”

adams v3 hybrids techIn both the forged and all-hybrid configurations, the eight-piece Idea Tech V3 set consists of 4-, 5- and 6- progressively–sized hybrids and a 7-mid-hybrid. The forged set features four oversized cavity-back forged irons in 8-iron through gap wedge while the all-hybrid set features four hybrid scoring clubs in 8-iron through gap wedge. The easy-to-hit hybrids in both configurations feature strategically placed tungsten weighting in the premium stainless steel heads for enhanced forgiveness and spin. A four-way cambered sole and recessed heel and toe areas reduce turf drag for superior playability and versatility. The transitional hybrid mid-iron includes a viscoelastic vibration dampening system for exceptional feel. Should the consumer choose the forged set, they will find precisely located heel and toe weighting in the oversized forged heads of the short irons (8-GW) that maximize scoring potential. A tech badge in each also improves feel across the face. Consumers that put the all-hybrid set in their bags will get short irons (8-GW) with a thin face design and a perimeter heel-toe weighting system to increase launch angle and spin for maximum forgiveness.

Shafts, Pricing and Shipping

The stock shaft for the Idea Tech V3 hybrids is the Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara graphite shaft. Offered in four different flexes and weights–stiff (65g), regular (60g), lite (55g) and super-lite (50g)–the Bassara shafts are designed to exactly fit each player’s swing speed and type. For the short irons in either the forged or all-hybrid set, consumers may choose between True Temper Performance Tech shafts in steel or Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara shafts in graphite. Available in right- or left-handed models, the eight-piece sets begin shipping to golf shops October 1 with a suggested retail price (SRP) of $899.99 for steel and $999.99 for graphite. Individual Idea Tech V3 hybrids are available right-handed (2-7) or left-handed (3-6) with a SRP of $249.99 and will begin shipping November 1.

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  1. Very nice review – thanks for sharing. I bought this set a few weeks ago – actually it was a birthday gift to myself 🙂 I really like how the whole set plays.

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