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Cleveland Halo HybridGood morning everyone! We recently had a question from a reader in regards to the stock graphite shaft in the Cleveland Halo hybrid. He loves his Halo and wants to get a similar shaft in some of his other clubs but couldn’t find much info on the stock shaft. We took his question to Cleveland Golf and got a pretty good response….

The graphite shaft used in the Halo was a proprietary shaft designed specifically for that club. The Halo ActionLite shaft is very butt stiff and tip weak with the S flex having bending tip flex code of 9832. In terms of current hybrid shaft offerings in the market the Miyazaki C. Kua 59X with a flex code of 8844 has a very similar EI profile and would play comparably. For a full set of irons there aren’t a lot of graphite aftermarket offerings with this profile but the ProLaunch Blue X at 7612 would probably be the closest option that is readily available.

Thanks to Keith at Cleveland Golf for his help! Have a question? Drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to get you an answer!

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  1. Hi there,can you tell me if it’s possible to get a replacement for my 7 iron,I was looking for a 34 deg hybrid.does anyone in the uk do one? Thanks,dave

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