How to Hit From an Uphill Lie

Almost everyone relishes an uphill lie, especially when we have a fairway wood in our hands -it’s one of the easiest lies to hit from. This shot does require some adjustments however, to ensure solid contact and consistency. Here are some basic tips for hitting from grass on an upslope:


How to hit on a upslope
1) An uphill slope will add loft to your club, so take a club or two extra depending on the severity of the slope you’re standing on. If you’re already a decent player, you may want to fiddle with your ball position, or hand position at impact to limit the effect of the slope.

2) Set your shoulders and hips up so they are parallel to the slope you’re on as shown in this image – this will ensure the club bottoms out properly at impact.

3) Play the ball a little further forward in your stance than normal, but be careful, it is easy to chunk a shot from an upslope, practicing this shots will give you a better feel for them.

4) Really focus on keeping your lower body stable. If you’re over aggressive with your lower-body, you’ll have a hard time maintaining consistent contact.

5) It’s very easy to pull a shot from an upslope, so be aware of this during your swing – focus on a square swing path and a high follow-through to avoid the pull.

6) Be sure you can clear the slope. Occasionally if you don’t get the ball high enough, quickly enough the ball can hit the slope on the way up. Ensure you take enough club to clear the slope.

Last of all take the time to practice these, and various other shots from difficult lies. You’ll be impressed with how quickly your ball-striking and consistency improve. Give it a shot!


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  1. Those tips are well thought through and easy to understand. Now, if we all can just remember them when we’re out on the course and stuck in that situation. Practice makes perfect I guess.

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