MacGregor MacTec Driver Review

Through 108 years in the golf industry MacGregor has seen all the ups and downs. As we move forward in the 21st century MacGregor is once again rising up in the industry. They have increased their tour presence while improving the technology in all their lines of equipment.


The MacTec driver borrows some now familiar technology as well is using some of MacGregor’s own innovations to create the most advanced driver they have ever built. The MacTec is designed with an extremely light crown piece that gives them seven extra grams of discretionary weight to play with. This is the same idea that you see with all of the composite crowned drivers, it allows MacGregor to move more weight low and back for a lower center of gravity and lower spinning ball flight. There are four tungsten weights added to the head to increase the driver’s MOI and give it a draw bias. Neither of these are particularly new ideas but what MacGregor is hoping will set this driver apart is the shaft; the Quadra Action shaft they claim is better at storing and transferring energy to produce higher club head speed. They say it will increase club head speed by as much as three miles per hour.


There are a lot of nice features built into the MacTec driver but unfortunately the whole package just doesn’t quite work together. The Quadra Action shaft isn’t bad but unfortunately most people, including retailers and pros, just don’t understand how or why it works. The general consensus is that they would have been better off to just stick a Grafalloy ProLaunch in the head and use it as a stock shaft. As for the head itself it has drawn mixed revies. The head has a very rounded appearance to it and sits quite closed. There is no denying the forgiveness of the head but the appearance is odd and the blue finish on the crown marks up extremely easy. In side by side testing with other drivers the MacTec wasn’t short but nobody really noticed any increase in distance with the Quadra Action shaft. So, with all of the bells and whistles this driver has it still doesn’t quite bring it all together. Overall reaction was decent, not great, perhaps a little pricey.


Overall Rating – 50%


Target Handicap: Anybody


Ball Flight: Mid-high


Lofts: 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 – Ladies in 11 or 13


Shafts: Quadra Action L, SNR, R, S, S+, X

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