Nickent Genex 3DX Ironwood Hybrid Review

2005 has really been the year of the hybrid club… and why not? They’re really easy to hit, they are really forgiving and they make long irons a thing of the past.

Every company has one too… I mean every company… even companies that you may not have heard of. How many of you have heard of Nickent Golf? How many of you have hit a Nickent club? Probably not too many.

I have had some past experiences with Nickent. We have stocked their clubs in the past and they have sold ok I guess. It was never a company that people really asked for but we sold a lot of their stuff by just getting people to hit them. There was never really any buzz around Nickent… until now. The Nickent Genex 3DX started showing up on the Nationwide Tour recently and industry people took notice. We had a few customers ask about them and we brought some into the shop to try.


The 3DX has weight placed in the heel and the toe (to increase stability on miss hits) and weight at the back (to lower the center of gravity). This weight changes depending on the loft of the club… it produces a penetrating ball flight with all lofts while preventing “ballooning”. The 3DX is available in 17 different lofts… between 14 degrees and 29 degrees. Talk about flexibility! The stock shaft is a Aldila NV Hybrid graphite shaft although you can switch to a UST IRod graphite or True Temper ST-90 steel shaft at no charge.


Customers love this club. It hits a high ball, but not too high. It’s forgiving, it has quality shaft options and there are so many lofts available. It is a nice looking club too… not too big and not too small… about the same size as the TaylorMade Rescue Mid. The trick with this club is finding it… Nickent isn’t stocked in every store and you may have to do some calling around to find one. The price is very reasonable and it is a great value for someone looking for a hybrid… or two… or three. Try the Nickent Genex 3DX… you’ll be very impressed! It has quietly become one of the best hybrid clubs on the market!


Overall Rating – 90%


Target Handicap: Anyone


Ball Flight: Mid to High


Lofts: Every 1.5 degrees between 14 and 29 degrees (17 options total)


Shafts: Aldila NV Hybrid but others available at no charge… my customers really like the NV though


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