Reseting your Putting Fundamentals

fix putting fundamentals and yips

Having troubles on the dance floor? It’s time to check your putting fundamentals once again. It’s a sad but true fact that approximately 90% of all putting faults occur because of poor fundamentals. So the next time you’re fed up with your putter – instead of going out to buy a new one, learn to implement proper putting fundamentals.

The most common putting faults can easily be corrected by the station I have set up in the picture to the right. Start by aligning a flagstick parallel to your target line. Next, address the ball with the flagstick against your feet. Ensure your shoulders, knees, hips and eyes are square to your target line. A great way to check this is to place your putter across your chest, knees and hips – is it parallel to the flagstick? If so, you’re set – if not, you have some work to do.

Next, let your arms hang naturally, grip your putter lightly, and set your eyes over the ball. Have a friend; or pre-setup two other balls on either side of your putter head, giving yourself a gap for a small margin for error. Try some putts.

To ensure you are accelerating, try placing another ball about a foot or so (for a ten foot putt) back from your ball to force a shorter backswing and longer follow-through.

This drill will help fix many common faults, by ensuring you are standing tall (see, even I'm a little hunched over in this picture) , parallel to the target line, with your eyes over the ball and using an accelerating stroke is also aligned down your target line. Try this drill if you suffer from the yips, are pulling or pushing putts, missing short ones or are lacking confidence with the putter.

Sometime you have to re-learn how to putt with all the basics to start trusting your putter again.

Good Luck!

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