Ball Positioning Fundamentals

The Importance of Proper Ball Position

Ball position is very important, as it alone can cause a multitude of fundamental and swing mistakes. For example, if the ball is placed too far forward in a stance, this forces your lead shoulder to rise, so the club can meet the ball at address, by doing this it also tends to strengthen the grip. Furthermore with this ball position, it is very easy to slide rather than turn into impact, leading to erratic ball flight.

Most players assume their ball position is fine, but 90% of the time they are wrong. After ‘getting used’ to a certain ball position, it just starts to look ‘right’, but in actual fact it is incorrect. The best way to check your ball position is to set up to a golf ball, as if you were about to hit it, then have a friend place a club directly between your feet, perpendicular to your target line. From this position is it very easy to see the middle of your stance, and your ball position in relation to this point.

Ball Positioning:

Driver, 3 and 5 Woods : The ball should be aligned within 0-2 inches off your left heel.

6 Woods+: The ball should be aligned back 1-2 inches off your left heel.

2-6 Iron: The ball should be aligned back 1-3 inches off your left heel… progressively getting further up in your stance the longer the club is.

7 Iron – Lob Wedge: : The ball should be position within 2 inches of the middle of your stance.

Putter: The ball should be positioned in the middle of your stance… however it is quite common to have the ball placed further up in your stance as well.  You should never have the ball further back than center of your stance when putting – it will impact top spin on the ball when struck.

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