Tis The Season For Cheap Golf Clubs

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. November can be a tough time for a lot of golfers. Many (including SirPutts and I) are forced to put away their clubs for the season and dream about warmer days ahead. It’s not all doom and gloom though… this is the best time of year to find great deals on golf clubs. Every now and then we like to search the web for some of the best deals on golf clubs. We might be months away from using them but it doesn’t mean we can’t still buy them! Let’s search some of our favorite golf club sites and make a bargain bag!

Driver – There are a ton of great deals out there but we really like the Adams Insight BUL at $149.99 USD. This driver made the 2007 Golf Digest Hot List and is a steal at $149.99. Better players may want to look at the Insight BTY for the same price. There are a few sites with this price… we found it on Golfsmith .

Fairway Wood – I think we’ll stick with Adams here. The RPM fairway woods are a solid option and are an even better choice when you can pick them up for $69.99 each. The guys over at Rock Bottom Golf have these on special and seem to have a pretty good selection of options as well. If you like low profile fairway woods… you’ll like this club.

Players Iron – The Wilson Pi5 irons didn’t get a ton of praise… mainly because not many people gave them a chance. The Pi5’s are probably the best Wilson iron in recent memory and they’re priced to clear right now. Looking for a new set of irons? Swing by Rock Bottom Golf and find these for $229.99.

Game Improvement Iron – There are a lot of choices here. Nike has quietly introduced a few great “value game improvement” options over the past few years. The NDS were a real sleeper and the Ignite combo set has been a real hit with our customers. This is a great set for the price. Rock Bottom Golf has these at $329.99 right now although I found some older ads mentioning that they may have recently been even less at Golfsmith.

Hybrid – Nickent is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable names in the hybrid business. The 3DX Ironwood really helped Nickent get on the map and it’s still available at a great price if you don’t mind searching a bit. Golfsmith has these at $59.99 each in graphite shaft. Looking for steel shafts or different lofts? A quick search of other online stores should help you find what you’re looking for. Most places we looked at had various lofts and shafts for around the same price.

There are some great deals to be had if you don’t mind looking around. Tis the season for savings! Thanks for dropping by and we’ll talk to you soon!

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