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Hi everyone. We've got news from Gauge Design and SirPutts helps a reader with lie angles… so let's get to it!

David at Gauge Design Golf has been busy working on a few new models. The Classics Series features a black PVD finish and the Tour Prototype is a limited edition putter with special milling on the sole. Check out the Gauge Design website or call 1-866-932-9644 for more details. Speaking of Gauge Design… the new muscle backed irons have been getting some rave reviews. Don't be surprised to see a cavity backed version in the near future. 

SirPutts has stayed pretty busy with reader email over the past few weeks. Tonight he helps a reader that just purchased a used set of irons and wants to know about lie angles…

I am 5'8" and I hit the ball pretty good. The new set is standard lie. I have been getting conflicting advice on getting my lie checked and having the clubs bent to the correct lie. I do not want to weaken the clubs by having them bent, but I want to get the most out of the new set. If needed, do you recommend having the lie corrected?

I would definitely take the time to get the lie angles checked on your clubs. It is very quick and easy to do and can make quite a difference in how you hit the ball. At 5'8" there is a chance that you may need to flatten the lie angle by a couple of degrees. This will not affect the loft of the club but it will help to ensure that the clubface is in the right position at impact.

Any local pro or retailer should be able to do it for you in about 15 – 20 minutes. If you ask nicely they might not even charge you to do it.

SirShanksAlot Adds… Getting your lie angles checked is very important and relatively easy to do. The best way to get checked is through a dynamic fitting. The fitter will tape the bottom of a mid-iron and get you to hit a few balls off of a lie board. The fitter can then look at the sole markings and determine what needs to be done. If someone wants to check your lie angles without having you swing… you're wasting your time.

That's all for tonight. A special hello to those readers that have joined our Facebook page. I try to get on there at least once a day so feel free to drop by and ask a question or just say hello! Talk to you soon…

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