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We're pleased to introduce a new section to our site as we welcome The IP Golf Guy – David Dawsey. We've been fans of David's Golf Patents website for a while… he is an expert in the area of intellectual property and golf patents. If a golf club company patents a design… David will find it. Today David shares some pictures of a new design from Acushnet (Titleist/Cobra).  

Typically when a golf club design patent issues to one of the major equipment players I expect to open it and see a club design that they introduced months ago, but not today.

The US Patent and Trademark Office issues patents every Tuesday. Therefore, much of my Tuesday morning is spent reviewing the latest golf related patents, which is always entertaining but rarely do any of the patents really surprise me.

Well, today I was surprised by a design patent that issued to Acushnet (a company known for great products under the Titleist and Cobra brands, but not known for wild club designs). Just check out these drawings:

Could this be the next new Titleist or Cobra driver? You can click here to check out USPN D567888 titled “Golf Club Head.” I can’t wait to see if this design makes it to market.

Check out The IP Golf Guy for more golf patent pictures and information!

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