Cure Your Putting Yips

I played my first round of the season a couple months ago and noticed that my yips had returned on the greens. It was very frustrating, as I had suffered from them all throughout 2005, which nearly ruined my season.I found a way to beat them back then and would do so again. After working hard with my putting yips drills, I once again found a way to beat them. I tried something a little different this time, which I feel would help you yippers out there.

The yips is a mental problem, its the unconscious twitching of your wrists and arms right before impact. This happens when you do not trust your alignment, or fear yipping those simple putts. It is your minds attempt to fix your insecurities about your putting at the last second. The usual trend for players who yip is to get progressively worse and worse. This is because after a few yips, they begin to fear repeating them, which in turn just makes it worse. It’s a vicious cycle.

You have to reset your thinking when it comes to your putter to beat the yips.

ipod yips putting drill

Listening to music while practicing is nothing new in the sports industry… you see it through athletics as a way to warm up, rev up and relax. I would suggest you stay away from relaxing music, listen to something that puts a smile on your face, has a good beat, or anything that takes your mind away from the act of putting. Hit balls to different targets, large and small, close and far away… try different grips styles, close your eyes, or any other way to reset your thinking with the putter. Completely get the yips out of your mind and begin to just have fun on the greens again… you will see an improvement in your putting.


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