Ping G10 Fairway Review

The Ping G10 fairway wood is the company’s latest entry into the stainless steel fairway wood market. The G10 line has proven to be a winner with our readers but how will this traditional looking fairway wood stack up against today’s unique designs and multi-materials?


What Our Advisory Team Says…

Our Advisory Team liked the Ping G10 driver and the marks for the matching fairway woods are very similar… although some wish Ping would offer us something new…

Looks very nice with a very traditional look..

Seems very similar to other clubs in Ping’s G line.

The stock shaft is a bit boring.

Great feel and good forgiveness. It hits the ball pretty high too.

I really liked the way this way felt. It’s a great combination of looks, forgiveness and feel. I have hit longer fairway woods but they don’t look as good as this one.

The Draw models are great for people battling a slice.

Overall Advisory Team Rating – 80%

What Our Readers Say…

Our readers seemed to agree with our Advisory Team. We have talked to a lot of readers that play the G10 fairway and the feedback has been very positive…


Overall Reader Rating – 70%

What Our Customers Say…

The Ping G10 shows us that stainless steel fairway woods are far from dead…

Performance – The G10 is an all-around solid performer. It’s easy to hit from a variety of lies and most customers don’t have any issues getting the ball in the air. The club isn’t exceptionally big but it is very forgiving for its size. Customers like the shallow face and say that it helps inspire confidence on fairway shots. Some customers mentioned that heel and toe hits feel a bit harsh (compared to some of the high MOI options on the market) while others mentioned that it falls somewhere in the middle of the pack when it comes to length.

Feel – Ping woods typically score well in the feel and acoustics category and the G10 fairway isn’t any different. This clubs feels great on well-struck shots but lacks a bit on heel and toe shots. The G10 is one of the better sounding fairway woods on the market.

Value –
The G10 fairway scores well here. It’s right in there with other stainless steel fairway woods. Looking for a deal? You can usually predict when Ping woods go on sale… they’re one of the last companies that really sticks to the idea of a 2 year product lifecycle.

Looks – Who doesn’t like the look of a “traditional” golf club? The G10 is as traditional as you’re going to find in today’s marketplace. Some wonder why Ping chose the burnt orange color scheme but it’s not really a deal breaker.

Innovation –
There are plenty of options here. The G10 is offered in a wide variety of lofts and Ping also has a Draw version for those golfers fighting a slice. Many customers choose to upgrade the shaft when buying this club… the stock graphite is average at best. Ping has a great custom department so golfers should have no problem finding a G10 that will work for them.

Overall… the Ping G10 fairway is one of the better stainless steel fairway woods on the market. The club is a solid performer from a variety of lies and feels great on well-struck shots. High handicappers might want to look elsewhere if forgiveness is their top priority.

Overall Customer Rating – 74%


Overall Combined Rating – 75%


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