Nike SQ SUMO Hybrid/Iron Review

Nike Golf struck gold with the Slingshot iron. It was one of the most forgiving irons in the game improvement category and it solidified Nike’s spot in the category. The SUMO SQ Hybrid/Iron set is the latest from Nike Golf and the company is hoping it can now take the hybrid iron market by storm…


What Our Advisory Team Says…


Our Advisory Team was all over the map on these. We had everything from “best hybrid set on the market” to “Nike needs to go back to the drawing board”…


Everything feels the same. High & straight.


Hybrid-like forgiveness in a cavity back iron.


Muted… not enough feedback to tell where I hit the ball.


I expected more from Nike… I’d look elsewhere in this category.


Very forgiving. Have improved quite a bit since their original game-improvement Slingshots.


Shorter irons feel surprisingly good and the hybrids feel typical for hybrids.


Overall Advisory Team Rating – 64%


What Our Readers Say…


Our readers have spoken… and most agree that the Nike SUMO SQ Hybrid/Iron set isn’t their first choice in the game improvement category…


Overall Reader Rating – 49%


What Our Customers Say… 


Customer reaction is mixed with these. People are attracted to them because of their flashy looks but many end up walking out of the store with something else…  


Performance – This is a pretty strong category for the SUMO SQ irons. They do exactly what a game improvement set is suppose to do… they hit the ball high and they offer very little negative feedback on poor shots. Many customers mention that these hit the ball farther than other irons in the category. High ball hitters may balloon these and will want to get them out on a range before buying. The hybrids are decent performers as well.


Feel – This is a bit of a tricky category. People agree that these feel the same across the whole iron face. This isn’t really a bad thing in the game improvement category but ironically it turns some customers off. If you’re looking for that “buttery” feel on well-struck shots… you probably want to look somewhere else. A lesser ball striker should really enjoy these.


Value – This isn’t the strongest category for these. There are better irons for the money. Interested in Nike Golf but don’t want to spend a lot? Try the Ignite irons. They don’t have quite as much technology but they’re a solid iron for the price.


Looks – There aren’t very many game improvement irons that score well in this category. The SUMO SQ’s are one of the few exceptions. These irons offer flashy cosmetics and a pleasing look. They’re not the thinnest irons around but our customers seem to like what they see. Some customers don’t like that they can see the back of the cavity when looking down at address.  


Innovation – Nike has put some decent technology in these irons. The vibration dampening inserts work well and the set is available in a variety of iron/hybrid combinations. These additional combinations are a good idea and make these irons more appealing to a wider audience. The stock steel shaft is average and we get some compliments on the stock graphite.  


Overall… it seems that all hybrid sets that enter the market are now immediately compared to those from Adams Golf. Adams has become the hands down leader in the category and most sets (including the SUMO SQ) finish a distant second. The SUMO SQ Hybrid/Iron set offers decent performance but falls short in the feel and value categories. There are better sets in this category but the SUMO SQ’s flashy appearance and Nike’s Swoosh are sure to hook a few consumers.


Overall Customer Rating – 66%


Overall Combined Rating – 60% 

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