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Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! Today we’d like to give you a little bit of information on the Exotics E8 Fairway Wood. You should see this fairway wood by Tour Edge available in stores beginning early October. For now, here’s what you need to know.

The E8 fairway woods are available in the E8 and E8 Beta models. The E8 fairway wood delivers a high trajectory that is easy-launching, accompanied by considerable distance. This is accomplished with the upgraded 475 carpenter steel cup face combo-brazed to the hyper-steel body. The shallow face design delivers a high launch with less spin which increases distance and makes for easy use off the deck.

Based on Tour player feedback, the Beta features an improved, slightly smaller head shape than previous models. The advanced Beta Titanium cup face has been combo-brazed to the heavier hyper-steel body removing excess weight from around the face. The head also includes a slightly deeper face to produce a slightly lower and penetrating trajectory from the tee. The smaller clubhead shape allows the center of gravity to move closer to the face for exceptional trajectory control and low spin. This is ideal for players with higher swing speeds. An important distinction of the E8 models involves the CG (center of gravity) location. Focusing on a increased ball speed and less spin engineers positioned E8’s CG slightly lower closer to the face. The Beta utilizes a higher and more forward CG position to produce a more penetrating launch with less spin.

The E8 models Power Grid has been redesigned for a longer reach of the heel and toe, increasing spring effect from even more surface area on the face. This upgraded design gives a powerful launch off the face with less spin, while providing the desired penetrating ball flight. Cut-away steps positioned back in the heel and toe help increase MOI to maximize stability on off-center contact. The heel and toe sole relief also reduces turf drag, resulting in greater club head speed at impact.

The E8 series incorporates personalized customizable feel courtesy of an adjustable sole weight. The club comes standard with a 9-gram sole weight, but can be changed with the purchase of an optional weight kit. The three-piece weight kit includes a 6-gram, 11-gram, and 14-gram weight, kit. Individual weights are also available. A Tour-inspired matte black finish reduces glare at address and completes the E8 ensemble.

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