Should You Warn Golfers of the Alligator in Your Backyard Pond?

A backyard dilemma: warn golfers of an alligator by the pond?

A non-golfer seeks advice on golfers retrieving balls near a gator.


  • Golfers find themselves in a tricky situation with a resident alligator.
  • Opinions vary on whether the homeowner should warn golfers about the potential danger.
  • Suggestions include putting up a sign or informing the golf course to prevent any accidents.

Homeowner Dilemma

A homeowner in Florida faces the dilemma of whether to warn golfers about the alligator residing in their pond. Golfers often retrieve balls from the water and near the gator, posing a potential risk. Some users suggest placing a warning sign to prevent any mishaps.

Golfer Safety

Golf etiquette goes out the window when safety is a concern. Many users agree that warning golfers of the alligator is crucial to prevent any accidents. Safety should always come first, even on the golf course.

Natural Selection

Some users humorously mention that nature might just thin out the herd through natural selection. However, it’s essential to prioritize safety over anything else, even in a challenging situation like this.