Ping K15 Iron Review

Ping K15 Iron Review

Hello everyone – once again, thanks for stopping by. Today we continue our reviewing process by taking a look at the Ping K15 iron. These clubs offer the ability to add some consistency to your game, something that higher handicap players are often looking for.

Looksping k15 iron

Typical of any game improvement iron, the Ping K15 irons have a wide sole, thick top line, and slight offset. As result, the club looks super easy to hit. In addition, the K15 head features a steel cavity with lightweight titanium face. The dull steel finish looks great on the course and will produce minimal glare in the sun. The K15 is available in 5 iron through lob wedge while a K15 hybrid is available to replace the longer irons. Since they appear to be a bit bulky, I rate them 8 out of 10.


The Ping K15 iron is a game improvement iron, which you can tell in the basic design. Golfers will find the K15 iron one of the easiest irons to hit. The stock shaft is the Ping AWT in steel or TFC 149i or 149H in graphite. The K15 positions a low center of gravity and extremely high MOI (moment of inertia). This results in an extremely high ball flight, which is great for someone struggling with consistency. The club is designed to hit high and straight golf shots. That is exactly what you get. Even on shots where I tried to control the ball flight (knock down shots) the result was still a high trajectory. If you want to work the ball try a different set of irons. I found almost no ball movement. Even on poor swings that I pulled or pushed the shot, the ball flight was still straight. The distance was similar on off center hits.

Due to the high launch and longer carry most players should find a little more distance with the K15 irons. Most companies provide stronger lofts and lengths than Ping, which obviously create a potential to increase distance. However, the K15 provides slightly more distance (than my current set) for a scratch golfer. However, a high handicap player who loses distance due to off center hits could potentially gain more distance because the club is real forgiving and produces a straighter ball flight. Ping K15 irons perform as advertised, and earn a 9 out of 10 rating.


The K15 irons provide little feedback for the user. It basically feels the same where ever you hit the ball on the clubface. Likewise, the results are similar no matter where you hit the ball on the clubface. This is great news for a golfer looking for more consistency. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the wider sole on irons, but I am accustomed to hitting a blade. The wider sole felt a bit awkward on bump and run shots, but with practice I am sure it would feel more comfortable. They rate 8 out of 10 in terms of feel.


Golf is about finding the correct equipment for each player. This set is geared to a mid to high handicap golfer. It will be difficult to find a set of irons more forgiving and easy to hit. A low handicap player will probably prefer more of a players iron that is not so bulky. However, the Ping K15 iron is definitely worth a try. As an instructor and club fitter, I would encourage anyone who is a 20 handicap or higher to try this set of irons before they make a purchase. While they are not for everyone, I rate the K15 irons 9 out of 10.

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