Pickleball Playtime: How Long is Too Long?

Discover how long should a session of pickleball last! Read on to find out the community’s playtime preferences.

Are you a pickleball enthusiast wondering how long you should play? Dive into the Reddit thread on session durations and players’ limits.


  • Players vary in their preferred playtime duration, ranging from 1 to 5 hours.
  • Factors like fatigue, age, and physical condition influence when players call it quits.
  • Listening to one’s body and knowing limits are essential in avoiding overexertion.

Longevity and Limits

Logic724 leads the discussion by sharing their regular 3-hour sessions with a group of enthusiasts, acknowledging performance declines beyond the 2-hour mark. Other players, like summerset, rely on listening to their bodies, opting to end sessions after 6-8 games or 2.5 hours to avoid burnout

Physical Challenges

DadJ0ker’s upcoming knee surgery influences their playtime, matching pace with fellow players and averaging 2 hours per session. Streimel1 confesses their addiction, managing daily 6-hour stints with breaks, while choomguy finds the optimal 1.5-hour window for peak performance

Moderate Approaches

Players like Teksah and Alak-huls_Anonymous prefer shorter 1-1.5 hour sessions, aiming for consistency and enjoyment without strain. Meanwhile, Greatwhitenorth2022 and BarbellHomie find balance with 2-3 hour sessions, maintaining performance by fueling up

As players share their playtime preferences, a common theme emerges—balancing enjoyment, endurance, and physical well-being is key to a satisfying pickleball experience. Whether you’re a casual participant or a dedicated player, recognizing your limits and adjusting playtime accordingly ensures continued enjoyment of the game without risking burnout