Mastering the Art of Resetting Hard Shots in Pickleball

Discover the secret to resetting hard shots at your feet in pickleball with expert tips from the community.

When facing hard shots at your feet in pickleball, do you lift with your arm/shoulder or your legs? Let’s uncover the key to mastering this critical skill!


  • Learn the technique of absorbing power rather than lifting.
  • Focus on controlling the ball’s momentum for successful resets.
  • Master the art of the ‘scoopush’ for effective play.

Expert Insights

In the pickleball community, the consensus is clear – for resetting hard shots at your feet, the key lies in absorbing power rather than lifting. Players emphasize the importance of controlling the ball’s momentum to execute successful resets. Additionally, the concept of the ‘scoopush’ technique has emerged as a powerful tool for effective play.

Community Tips

According to seasoned players, when facing a challenging shot, such as a smash, the focus should be on holding the paddle firmly and directing the ball using the opponent’s power. Strategies such as blocking and absorbing the shot’s energy are highlighted as essential for defensive play.

Player Strategies

Players stress the significance of paddle angle and grip strength over excessive lifting, emphasizing the need to reduce the shot’s pace rather than adding to it. The goal is to execute precise and controlled movements to outmaneuver opponents on the court.