Justpaddles Used Paddles: Worth the Risk?

Buying a used paddle? Here’s what Redditors think about Justpaddles’ offerings.

Bauer95 is contemplating a used pickleball paddle purchase from Justpaddles. Is it worth it?


  • Debate over value: Is the risk worth the slight discount?
  • Consider resale value: Could you recoup your investment?
  • Comparison to new: How does the price stack up against a fresh paddle?

Buyer’s Remorse

Anneoneamouse cautions against the lack of warranty for a minimal discount, suggesting seeking a better deal or reconsidering the purchase altogether

Optimistic Outlook

WaffleBruhs counters, indicating the ability to resell the paddle for at least the purchase price

Price Comparison

Echotango-az points out the price difference between a new and a used paddle