Josh Hart’s Response to Joel Embiid’s Comments: A Winning Attitude

Josh Hart responds to Embiid’s comments with a winning attitude, focusing on the present.

In a recent post-game interview, Josh Hart responded to Joel Embiid’s comments regarding the 76ers’ series status with poise and confidence.


  • Josh Hart maintains a focus on the present situation, emphasizing the 2-0 lead.
  • The NBA community appreciates Hart’s candid responses, labeling them as ‘Pro Gamer moment.’
  • Fans express admiration for Hart’s attitude and winning mentality.


Responding to Hart’s comment, user NuclearEvo24 praises his approach as a ‘Pro Gamer moment.’


User NAmj37 highlights the anticipation around Hart’s responses due to his candid nature.


User The_Uncut_Gem humorously references Hart’s performance with a ‘Dog per 36 through the roof’ analogy.


Struggle2Real jokingly mentions providing the best for Hart with a comment on ‘finest breast milks.’