Is your New CRBN Paddle as New as You Think?

Discover if the ‘film’ on your paddle is a cause for concern.

Discover the mystery behind the ‘film’ on the new CRBN paddle. The pickleball community chimes in with some unexpected insights!


  • Learn why some users believe the ‘film’ on the CRBN paddle might not be a manufacturing defect.
  • Find out the solutions suggested by experienced players to tackle the issue.
  • Get insights into distinguishing between a used and a new paddle based on community feedback.

Ball Residue or Manufacturing Defect?

According to user Underrated_Dinker, the ‘film’ concern might just be ball residue that can be easily cleaned with a paddle eraser.

Return or Keep?

User bigdessert suggests that the paddle might not be brand new, advising a return for a new one.

Community Verdict

Users like jlknap1147 and LukaMav77 discuss the imprint patterns and foam layers, suggesting it might be a characteristic of the CRBN paddle even in a new condition.

PharmDiesel recommends the paddle eraser for maintenance, indicating its effectiveness.

With varied opinions, the community navigates through the ‘film’ mystery, shedding light on the nuances of pickleball equipment!