Is This Putter Legit? Reddit Golfers Weigh In

A Reddit user is unsure if the Scotty Cameron putter they bought is real, seeking opinions from the golfing community.

A Reddit user is seeking validation on the legitimacy of a Scotty Cameron putter they recently purchased.


  • Notable features support the putter’s authenticity
  • Redditors believe the putter is genuine based on various indicators
  • Community consensus leans towards the putter being real
  • Some members provide specific insights to ascertain the putter’s authenticity


The feedback from other golfers suggests that the putter is likely authentic. Several users point out key details that align with a genuine Scotty Cameron product. For instance, one user mentions the correct milling and shaping of the putter, while another highlights the premium feel of the headcover. These observations contribute to the overall positive sentiment surrounding the putter’s authenticity.

Debate Over Details

Although most users believe the putter is real, there is some debate over minor discrepancies such as the absence of paint fill on the Titleist logo. Some users argue that this inconsistency does not necessarily indicate a fake, citing examples of different paint fills used by Cameron’s custom shop. Overall, the discussion revolves around nuanced details that may or may not affect the putter’s authenticity.

Personal Experiences

Some users share their personal experiences with similar putters, adding weight to the belief that the putter in question is genuine. An individual who owns the same model confirms its likeness to the user’s putter, reinforcing the community’s confidence in its authenticity.

The diverse perspectives and insights provided by fellow golfers offer valuable reassurance to the user who is uncertain about the legitimacy of their recent purchase. The consensus reached by the community, along with individual testimonies and expert opinions, collectively contribute to a positive verdict regarding the putter’s authenticity. In the world of golf equipment, the support and camaraderie among enthusiasts serve as pillars of confidence for players navigating the realm of club authenticity and quality.