How to Improve Your Power and Accuracy in Pickleball

Learn how to hit the ball harder while maintaining accuracy in pickleball with these expert tips!

Looking to amp up your pickleball game and hit the ball harder without sacrificing aim? You’re in luck! Below you’ll find a treasure trove of advice from seasoned players who have been in your shoes. Let’s dive in!


  • Hitting harder doesn’t always mean sacrificing accuracy – focus on technique over strength.
  • Consider the advantage of growing up with racquet sports for muscle memory.
  • Drilling and practicing basic swings is essential for improvement.
  • Improving control through finesse shots can lead to overall better performance.

Expert Tips

JoeBro180 pointed out the importance of prioritizing strategies like court positioning and drop shots over raw power, as they can quickly boost your level.

GildMyComments emphasized the value of proper technique, including follow-through, leg usage, and shoulder movement, for hitting harder while maintaining accuracy.

rusurethatsright highlighted the benefits of learning from tennis techniques, especially for beginners, as they can significantly enhance pickleball skills.

Community Insights

Enhanced pickleball videos were recommended by GoToGoat for understanding advanced strategies that can outplay opponents below a certain skill level.

PersonUsingRedditt shared a routine focused on dinking, wall targeting, and drop shots to enhance control and aim, crucial for all shot types.

Sir-Sandor-Clegane suggested consistent drilling and using a wall or plywood board for practice to improve ball striking abilities.

Final Thoughts

Enhancing your power and accuracy in pickleball is a blend of technique, practice, and strategy. By incorporating expert advice and community insights, you can elevate your game to new heights. Remember, it’s not just about hitting hard – it’s about hitting smart!