How to Help Your Partner Enjoy Golf Despite a Bad Attitude

Helping your partner learn golf can be challenging – find out how to bridge the skill gap and enjoy the game together.

Trying to get your partner into golf but struggling with their attitude? Here’s how to navigate this tricky situation.


  • Consider playing a scramble format to ease the pressure and stress.
  • Professional coaching can be beneficial as sometimes teaching your partner can be challenging.
  • One-on-one practice sessions and constructive feedback can help improve her game.

Insightful Comments

Not everyone is wired to enjoy golf – consider playing casually and focusing on the fun aspect rather than strict competition. A relaxed round can do wonders for the mood.

Having a professional coach can offer a fresh perspective and help her improve without the added pressure from a spouse. Separate golf lessons can be more effective as personal dynamics can impact the learning process.

Practicing one-on-one in a stress-free environment can build confidence. Encouragement and positive reinforcement are key elements in helping her progress.

Playing scrambles or simple formats can make the game more enjoyable and less daunting. Remember, the goal is to have fun together on the course.