Could 2024’s Top 4 Seeds Compete with 2009’s Big 4?

Would 2024’s top seeds stand a chance against 2009’s Big 4? Reddit delves into a fun debate!

In a hypothetical scenario pitting 2024’s top 4 seeds against 2009’s Big 4, Reddit users debate fiercely over who would come out on top.


  • Reddit users doubt if 2024’s seeds could surpass the legendary 2009 Big 4.
  • Debate centers on the potential of Alcaraz, Sinner, Medvedev, and Zverev compared to the Big 4.
  • Views differ on whether the newer generation can outshine 2009’s top talents.
  • Opinions vary on how the playing styles of the players in question would match up.

Insightful Opinions

Reddit user nokiabrickphone1998 expresses skepticism about 2024’s potential stars, believing they wouldn’t have made a dent in 2009: “None of them would have even sniffed the top 500.”

According to Weasel_Spice, the formidable trio of Federer, Nadal, and Murray in 2009 sets a high bar: “The de facto answer to this question should be no unless you can honestly say that you think anyone pictured on the right will be all-time greats.”

Geekboxing takes a humorous jab at Zverev’s chances: “Zverev wouldn’t be beating any of them, they aren’t women.”

Clash of Generations

Reflecting on Murray’s prowess in 2009, DjokoIga highlights his achievements against tough opponents and believes he played at a high level even before his prime.

OddsTipsAndPicks speculates on the potential of Alcaraz and Sinner, indicating that while Federer and Nadal remain dominant forces, Djokovic and Murray were exceptionally strong in 2009.

triplesingle999 suggests that young Novak and Murray may have been overtaken by newer talents as they were not yet in their prime during that period.

Future Prospects

GrootRacoon boldly compares 2024’s Alcaraz and Sinner to 2009 Djokovic and Murray, stating they could outshine the older duo: “2024 Alcaraz and Sinner are better than 2009 Djokovic and Murray.”

gpranav25 is hesitant about Medvedev’s chances and believes it is too early to make a definitive judgment on Sinner: “And it’s too early to judge Sincaraz.”

Offering an intense perspective, modeONE1 emphasizes how powerful the 2009 Big 4 were and doubts if the newer generation can match up to their excellence.

Fun Perspectives

Strange_Armadillo_63 humorously adds a twist, suggesting that only a player who is ‘almost complete, say A-to-Z’ could have a shot at competing with the legends.

skyiland brings in a lighthearted touch, envisioning the younger players as potential ball boys in the scenario.

aquileskin places his faith in the rising talent of ‘Carlitos,’ hinting at a bright future for him and confirming the other three seeds as sure bets.