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Cobra Baffler Iron Review

We’ve got another independent review in our inbox this week, and this time of the brand-new Cobra Baffler irons that were just released by Cobra in their “Golf Made Easy” campaign. This review is specific to the irons only, not the hybrids. Let’s get to it…


Cobra Baffler Iron ReviewCobra continues their trend of bright colors and player friendly equipment with the release of their new Baffler iron. The Baffler iron features the normal aesthetics associated with a game improvement iron such as a thick top line and off set club head. In addition, the Baffler’s shallow face and wide railed sole are designed to reduce turf drag and improve contact. The men’s Baffler iron features a silver club head with red and black highlights. The brighter women’s version is designed with a silver club head with light blue accents. The club face features an oversize sweet spot visibly painted in the grooves. Visually, I really like the look of the new Cobra Baffler iron, and was excited to get swinging.


The Cobra Baffler irons are designed to offer maximum forgiveness, higher launch and improved distance. In my opinion, the Baffler irons are extremely forgiving. I tested the Cobra Baffler iron with a regular flex stock graphite shaft.

The majority of shots tested delivered a mid to high launch with a comparable distance to other game improvement clubs on the market this year. Ball flights were all fairly straight. I even tested some shots from the light rough and found that the shallow face and wide sole make it relatively easy to hit in the air from just about any lie. Even or shorter shots these irons had great feel and were easy to control around the green.

Harder swings produced more spin and higher launch, which tended to fly off target for me. I found that these irons performed best with a smooth swing, but it’s likely that the regular graphite shaft had something to do with that. My swing is a better fit for stiff steel shafts, so thats something to keep in mind. Overall, the Baffler irons are a solid set for any mid to high handicap player searching for a reliable iron.


The Baffler irons feel very solid at contact. Balls struck in the sweet spot feel exceptional. In my opinion, the off center hits are a huge selling point for a higher handicap player. Off center hits were a little clunky, however, they had a tendency to fly straight with mid ball flight versus a high ball flight for solidly struck shots. The Baffler iron in graphite has a D1 swing weight for men and a C8 in women’s flex. The steel version available for men weighs slightly heavier with D3. Overall, they have an average swing weight, feel solid and should be a great fit for any player searching for a dependable game improvement iron.


The Baffler is available as an individual iron set or can be divided into a combo set of hybrids and irons. Most players will probably prefer the combo set. The Baffler hybrid is available in a 19 degree 3 hybrid through 31 degree 7 hybrid for men while a 25 degree 4 hybrid through a 31 degree 6 hybrid which is available for women.

The Cobra Baffler is a solid game improvement iron and is listed with an attractive price point. The Baffler combo set included 3 hybrids and 5 irons and retails for $699 graphite and $599 steel. A set of 8 irons retails for $599 graphite and $499 steel, however, steel is only available in the men’s version. Any player on the market searching for a forgiving set of clubs should check out the Cobra Baffler irons.

When you combine the price, performance, and feel these irons deliver, they really can’t be beat.

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  1. I brought these 2 months ago and they do everything as advertised! They might not look like the pros clubs but than neither does my swing! These clubs make the game easier and much more enjoyable! And if a golf snob has a problem with how my clubs look than its their problem, frankly I couldn’t care less what they think!! In addition their game is most likely no better than mine, snobs who needs them anyway!!!

  2. Agree I shot 4 under useing older Baffler set
    My playing partners were amazed, as I shot 5 over three months prior when I first purchased the clubs. Now they want to buy the same clubs and yes they are club snobs, however it’s the score that counts.

  3. First time I hit a shot with the 7 iron I stood there amazed. And believe me it has not changed all summer. The feel of of the ball off the club was amazing compared to my old irons. Much more accurate to the greens which has meant better scores. So glad I bought them.

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