Breaking Into the 70s: Golf Tips from Single Handicappers on Reddit

Learn how to consistently score in the 70s with advice from seasoned golfers in this Reddit thread!

Struggling to break into the 70s? Check out what single handicappers on Reddit recommend to improve your game!


  • Improve ball striking and increase GIR%
  • Focus on driving accuracy for better scores
  • Eliminate 3 putts and course management decisions
  • Have a plan and target for each shot

Evaluate and Work on Weaknesses

One golfer suggested evaluating weaknesses on the course and continuously improving them to eliminate strokes. Improving ball striking and increasing the GIR can significantly impact scores by making the rest of the game easier.

Importance of Driving Accuracy

Several comments highlighted the importance of driving accuracy in scoring well. A good driver can lead to making more pars and birdies, ultimately improving overall performance on the course.

Eliminate 3 Putts and Focus on Course Management

Others emphasized the need to eliminate 3 putts and focus on course management decisions to avoid double bogeys. By reviewing your round’s stats, you can identify areas for improvement and consistently break 80.


Listening to advice from experienced golfers can provide valuable insights and strategies to enhance your game. By focusing on key areas such as ball striking, driving accuracy, and course management, you can work towards achieving your goal of breaking into the 70s consistently. Remember, golf is a game of continuous improvement and learning from others can help you reach new heights on the course!