Battle of the Sexes: A Controversial Dive into Pickleball World

Would you participate in a battle of the sexes pickleball tournament? The community is divided on this risky idea.

Raising the age-old gender debate in pickleball, a Reddit user stirs a virtual hornet’s nest with the proposal for a battle of the sexes tournament. The idea? Men’s doubles against women’s doubles, with age separation factored in. The post author predicts a clash of competitive spirits as each gender sets out to prove their prowess.


  • Women seem confident in their abilities, while men are eager to exhibit their skills.
  • The community debates whether the proposed tournament is fair or disrespectful.
  • Some reject the idea outright, perceiving it as an affront to women.

The Battle Begins

Despite the enthusiasm of men to go all out and women to prove their worth against supposedly lower-skilled opponents, the community is torn. Many women express confidence in their ability to beat men of equal rank, highlighting the underlying competitive spirit present in the sport.

The Controversy

However, dissenting voices condemn the notion as ridiculous and discriminatory. Some argue against the assumptions made about gender disparities in skill levels, emphasizing the need for fair competition and mutual respect.

Voices of Reason

Amidst the discord, a few members advocate for thoughtful consideration of player ratings and the importance of maintaining a level playing field. They suggest that any gender-based tournaments should adhere to strict rating systems to ensure equitable matchups.