Are Youtube Golf Instruction Videos Doing More Harm Than Good?

Are you sabotaging your swing by watching too many Youtube golf videos? Read on to find out!

Many golfers turn to Youtube for swing advice, but are these videos really helping or hurting your game? Let’s dive into the debate.


  • Limiting the number of instructors on Youtube can improve consistency
  • Balance between Youtube tips and paid lessons
  • Focus on one or two swing changes at a time

Balancing Act

Users stress the importance of sticking with a couple of reputable Youtube instructors to maintain consistency in your swings. Jumping between various sources can lead to confusion and hinder progress

Personalized Instruction

Individuals highlight the need for a personalized approach to golf instruction, emphasizing that not all Youtube tips are suitable for every player’s unique game

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is essential for improvement, but understanding your body’s limitations and focusing on gradual changes are key to success

Golf is a game of patience and perseverance, where small adjustments over time lead to significant improvements in your performance on the course