Are Your Shoes Affecting Your Game? Pickleball Shoe Dilemma

Discover how choosing the right court shoes can make or break your pickleball game. Is it time to switch from running shoes?

Are you struggling with pickleball court shoes giving you trouble during your game? A Reddit user shares a dilemma involving Achilles pain and shoe choices. Is it time to rethink your footwear?


  • Choosing the right court shoes is crucial for preventing injuries.
  • Different brands and models offer varying levels of support and comfort.
  • Individual experiences with court shoes can vastly differ based on personal preferences and body conditions.

Is It the Shoe or You?

Choosing the optimal court shoe for pickleball is like finding the perfect match on a dating app – it may take some trial and error. Users suggest that not all court shoes are created equally, and what works for one player may not be suitable for another. The right shoe can make a significant difference in your performance and comfort level on the court.

Tips for Finding the Right Fit

From recommendations for specific brands to advice on using insoles, the Reddit community offers various suggestions to address shoe-related discomfort. Some users emphasize the importance of proper heel-to-toe drop, while others advocate for strengthening exercises to complement shoe choices. Finding a balance between comfort, support, and performance is key in maximizing your playing experience.

Personal Experiences Speak Volumes

Individual anecdotes shed light on how different court shoes can impact players differently. Some users found relief in Skechers Viper Court Pro’s, while others swear by ASICS or New Balance. Custom orthotics, stretch therapy, and even YouTube shoe reviews have played roles in resolving foot-related issues. The diversity in experiences underscores the uniqueness of each player’s needs when it comes to footwear.