Alex de Minaur: The Rowdy Support Incident Explained

Alex de Minaur wasn’t pleased with the rowdy support during his match. Find out what angered him and how fans reacted.

Alex de Minaur faced rowdy support from French fans during his match. This led to a heated moment.


  • French fans cheered errors, affecting de Minaur’s performance.
  • Fans’ behavior contrasted with Spanish crowd support.
  • De Minaur’s reaction surprised spectators.

Rowdy Support Details

Alex de Minaur faced disruptive cheering from French fans, impacting his concentration. The fans celebrated his errors excessively, causing frustration for the Australian player.

Fan Response

Some fans defended the French supporters, highlighting the passion they displayed. Others criticized the behavior, noting its negative impact on the match’s atmosphere.

Alex’s Reaction

De Minaur’s vocal outburst towards the fans showed his displeasure with the situation. The incident left spectators surprised by his uncharacteristic response.