How to Change Your Ball Trajectory

Your ball position is the key determinant is influencing your ball trajectory. Not your shoulders as many people may lead you to believe.For the most part, as your front shoulder rises as your ball position moves up in your stance, and vice versa.

Let me explain why…

Simply adjusting your shoulders at address is fine, but as your swing into impact, all that work is wasted. If you were to complete the perfect transition and follow-through with your front shoulder raised, you would either chunk the ball horribly or miss it completely. This means you subconsciously level your shoulders coming into impact in order to make some sort of contact.

By adjusting your ball position, your shoulder level changes as your front shoulder rises. This completely changes the lowest point of your golf swing. From the 4-iron onwards, your shoulder level remains identical, as your ball position changes slightly. This insures that for the 4-iron to Driver, this swing is hitting the ball on the upswing.

Ball Trajectory tips and Drills

The other major determinant of ball trajectory is the amount of forward press you have at impact. A forward press de-lofts the club due to your wrists beating the club to the 6:00 impact position. Depending on the amount to which this happens, your ball flight will vary. A forward press is usually seen on any knock-down shot or shots up to about the 5-iron. The 4-iron and onward usually have the wrists dead even with the clubhead at impact. This is to help get the ball airborne with those hard-to-hit clubs.

Keep this in mind the next time you want a few extra yards into, or down wind. It’s as simple as adjusting your ball position.


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