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Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. I thought I'd throw up a quick post after watching the Pats/Giants game. Congrats to the Pats for their perfect season… I guess the Chargers will have to end the streak in the playoffs! Ok, ok… back to golf. We've got additional info on the Cleveland HiBore XLS line, new TaylorMade golf balls and a reader email!

Thanks to a reader that sent along some links to the new TaylorMade golf ball line. I tried to navigate to these via the TaylorMade website but couldn't… so I'll put them all here. Here are the links to the Burner golf ball, Burner TP golf ball, TP Black golf ball and TP Red golf ball. We talked a bit about these a few weeks ago. Watch for TaylorMade to officially announce their entire 2008 line on January 10th.

Speaking of new golf clubs… Cleveland has updated their HiBore website to now include the entire XLS line. The company is returning to the PGA Show in 2008 and will have the XLS line out in full. 

SirPutts took some time away from the turkey this week to do some reader email. Tonight he answers a question about the Titleist 660 irons…

I want to know what's the comment on the 660 forged irons by Titleist, on Google I couldn't find more than 3 people who have hit them, are they good?

The problem with clubs like the 660 is that there are so few people in the world who actually have the skill to hit them it is tough to find good reviews. Certainly there are some touring pro's who use these clubs with great success but I wouldn't recommend them for anybody else other than scratch handicap players.
Titleist forgings in general are of fairly high quality and stronger players tend to enjoy them.
A set like the 735.CM or the 695.CB would be much better for most players because of the added forgiveness in the long irons. As always, the best way to know for sure is to get out there and demo some for yourself.

SirShanksAlot Adds… many of the best players in the world are leaning towards "player's cavities" over blades. The performance and quality of these cavities has greatly improved over the past few years and they offer a bit of forgiveness on miss hits. Blades are beautiful to look at but they just don't work for most players. To specifically answer your question though… I'd put the 660's near the top when it comes to blades in 2007. They feel great and work really well for someone that wants to control the height of their shots. They can be a bit tricky to find because they usually come custom but a good shop should be able to round up a set for you.

That's all for tonight. Thanks for all of the emails and support! Talk to you soon…  

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