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Good evening and thanks for stopping by! I just got in from a long day of work and thought it might be fun to dive into the mailbag and answer some reader email. If you’ve got a question give us a shout! SirPuttsAlot is really good at answering all of the email that we get… give him a shout… otherwise he has to “work” at work!

I am looking at RAC OS2 and the new Cobra FP. I play to a 16 handicap and while I like and need forgiveness I hate soup spoons. Any further suggestions/thoughts on the models I picked?

We get this question a lot. “Soup spoons” offer maximum forgiveness and a higher than average ball flight but they really lack in the looks and playability department. Clubs like the TaylorMade RAC OS2’s and the Cobra FP’s are a good mix of forgiveness and looks. Either of these choices are good… I’d consider the TaylorMade R7 XD’s as well. I’m a huge fan of the new Cobra line although it’s still too early to get good customer reaction. My customers really enjoy the Mizuno MX-23 as well. They look great and are fairly forgiving… maybe not quite as easy to hit as the others but still a solid choice. The Nike NDS are a decent option as well… and many retailers have them priced to move right now! To answer your question though… my top 3 right now would be the Mizuno MX-23’s, TaylorMade R7 XD’s and the Cobra FP’s (or 3100’s if you can find them).

Do you find the Callaway X Fairway regular sells better than the Tour version?

Yes… the regular version of the Callaway X Fairway does sell better… not because it’s any better than the Tour version but because it suits a lot more of the golfing public. The average golfer is going to get a lot more out of the regular version… it’s design and shaft help the average player hit the ball straighter and higher. The Tour version is designed for the player that wants to work the ball a bit more. It’s still forgiving but the shaft keeps the ball down a bit. A mid to low handicap with an average to above average swing speed shouldn’t have too much problem with the Tour version… but make sure you try before you buy!

Do you have any other information on the new Nike irons and Nike driver?

Yes and no. The boys over at have some new pictures of the Nike CCI irons… CCI = Composite Cavity Insert. Think of these as a Callaway Fusion type iron. As for the new driver… it’s called the Sasquatch Sumo and it’s “squarish” design promotes a higher MOI. SirPutts and I have seen it… imagine a SQ driver squished into a square… that’s probably the best way to describe it. I wouldn’t be surprised if some pictures begin floating around in the next week or so.

That’s all for now… thanks for the email and support. We wouldn’t have made it 2 years without readers like you! Talk to you tomorrow!

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