Shaft Swish Drill – Gain Rhythm & Cure Your Hook

“Swing harder, and the ball will go further!”

Heard this before? It’s obvious to some degree, but not so much. When I see player actually try to swing harder, they give stiff, rigid and quick.

This leads to a poor uncoordinated shot, and possibly a trip to the chiropractor. The key to hitting the ball further is in swinging faster, however you must swing smoothly and in control to do this properly.

shaft swish drill

I see many of my students swinging too hard when practicing. I can tell, because their swings are not in control, and they are often off balance. To build a repeatable, dependable swing, it is very important to swing and practice in control. Once you have built a solid swing, only then will “swinging harder” make the ball go further. Work to get a smooth, well-timed swing first, extra yards will come later. After all, would you rather be 200 yards down the middle or 250 yards out but in the trees?

This drill is very effective at slowing down your swing, and giving you better rhythm. Better rhythm leads to better timing of your arms and lower-body which well help a hooker’s tendency to have quick wrists.

The Drill:

Flip a club around backwards so you are swinging it grip first. Start swinging. You will immediately notice a difference in the feel of the club and how to swing it. Swing with the timing of the club… you should notice your swing slow down and become more rhythmic. Without the weight of the clubhead, you will be more in control of your swing. Give it a try!

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